Thai Lottery Tickets

There are two sorts of Thai lottery tickets that are accessible. The first is the Thai Government Lottery otherwise called (TGL) ticket. The other one is the Thai Charity Lottery also known (TCL) ticket. These titles are distributed at the prevalent left all things considered.

Thai lottery tickets, just as TGL or TCL, are pre-printed, take in a few enemies of mimicking structures and must be purchased in “ticket-sets”. Each ticket is evaluated at 40 baht, and the pair of the ticket at 80 baht. On its tickets are not retailed, just ticket-sets.

All lottery ticket structures having a six-digit.To keep individuals from generation counterfeit lottery tickets, the licenses are in print on extraordinary beige, meagre, plain paper and structure a two-shading waterline of an awesome winged creature called a Wayupak in Thailand. Too, there are two sorts of silk yarn in the paper. Just can be got with the stripped eye, the further can be seen uniquely underneath ultra-violet splendid.

More, the paper is secured with components. To evaluation the paper, drops of peroxide will show hues. Shorn of the unique substances, the paper won’t show any spots or hues. The principal picture distributed in ordinary fluid ink deviations for all lottery affectations. You can check it on our site to get what the symbolisms are for the following future lottery attracts to guarantee the tickets you buy are unaffected.

Thai Prizes

The main Thai lottery prize for every one of the six exact numbers is 2 billion baht or 3 million baht each ticket. As tickets are retailed two by two, the accessible honour sum is multiplied. Bending over applies to all honours barring for the 22 billion and 30 million baht extra honours. There are five extra honours of 100,000 baht, ten third honours of 40,000, fifty honours of 20,000 for fourth.

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Asserting a prize

Grants must be offered inside two periods of the draw time. Grants of under 20,000 baht are remunerated in real money by a lottery selling retailer. A couple out of a hundred commission is taken from net prizes. For grants of more than 20,000 baht, the powerful ticket and its container must be existing face to face at the organization lottery office in Nonthaburi where a check will be dispensed.

Thai lotto VENDORS

Just Thais enlisted with the GLO are suitable to discount lottery vouchers. All merchants must be at least 20 years of age. There are very nearly 35,000 listed lottery venders in the state, with farther than 15,000 in Bangkok and valuable than 19,000 in the state. A lean of all the counted ticket merchants are sent on the GLO Site.

You can discover all the subtleties of the enrolled dealers by the field on this site. We are presently busy working on a post all particulars of all dealers in Thailand, just as where to every vendor, sells their licenses, on this site. For all the subtleties, you can check the site. To some degree, an individual can discount the licenses for the benefit of a recorded dealer, be that as it may, normally organized merchants issue their sub-vendors with duplicates of the affirmed ID card to agree them to exchange Thai lottery tickets.

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If you have a doubt or feel placated buying a ticket from a particular vendor, you can consistently pick elective dealer or checked the vouchers they are retailing reasonably to guarantee they are real. On the off chance that you have to report fairly merchants, or if you have to end up being a retailer, you can contact through the site.


Lottery tickets are wholesaled “two by two”, and value B80 per couples. The sum is set up by law, hence proclamation any vendors implicating farther than this by reaching us over the site you can whine structure using our site.

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